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The Lions played their first friendly match against the Congolese Red Devils in Brazzaville after their suspension

Under the leadership of Marc Essono, President of the Cameroon Rugby Federation, Cameroon returns to the African rugby stage. The federation’s suspension has been lifted by Rugby Africa ( since four months and the team is eager to return with a roar.

On November 29 the new team kit and equipment has been unveiled and the team is ready for the new rugby season. The rugby XV’s team travelled on November 29 to Brazzaville, Congo, for a friendly match in the Massamba stadium against Congo. The match ended with a final score of 00-00. This was the team’s first official travel outside Cameroun in 7 years.

Khaled Babbou, President of Rugby Africa, welcomes the efforts of the Cameroon rugby federation: “We are pleased that Cameroon was reintegrated in July into the continental Rugby Africa family and welcome them to the development programme. The country has a great potential. It is an important and growing rugby community and with the right organization it will prosper in the coming years. Congratulations to the President and his team for paving the next steps for Cameroon’s rugby future. I hope we will soon also see matches against the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Gabon as we count equally on the development of the Gabonese rugby federation despite the current delicate situation. This would be a great opportunity for Gabonese rugby to expand further. I specifically wish to thank the referees who came from the DRC upon my request to referee the match."



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